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Classic Kitchens

Handmade in the UK, our bespoke classic kitchens give the ultimate flexibility, from French farmhouse, to sleek Shaker elegance - your kitchen is expertly hand-made to your style and requirements. That’s what makes a bespoke kitchen so special.

We understand that ‘classic’ does not mean old-fashioned and it certainly doesn’t mean boring; it means timeless style, heritage, and flexibility of design. For us the devil is in the detail: construction method, door moulding style, colour and finishes are all so important to the final look. Offering In-Frame or Lay-On cabinetry, hand-painted or spray finished in any colour of your choosing, we combine this with the most advanced ergonomics, space saving and lighting solutions. Thus we can create the combination of your dream aesthetic with the functionality you need in the room at the heart of all homes.

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